Get 10+ New Commercial Loan Applications Delivered To Your Email Every Day

COMLENDdigital™  Delivers Brand New, Exclusive, Pre-Qualified Commercial & Hard-Money Loan Applicants In Real Time,
So That You Can Close More Loans, Grow Your Lending Company And Finally Take Control Of Your Business

OUR Loan applicaNTs are PRE-QUALIFIED WITH 10+ DATA POINTS TO ENSURE THAT YOU ONly work with properties that are likely to close fast

Our Program Will Allow You To:

Never Run Out Of Qualified Loan Applicants

Dictate How Many Loans You Generate Each Month

Position Your Company As The Leading Lender In The Marketplace

Rapidly Automate And Scale Your Lending Business

What would it mean to you and your team if you could get TEN times more loan applications for your business?

What if you had qualified investors, landlords and property managers request financing EXCLUSIVELY through your company?

Or if you were able to add twenty new loans each month?

How quickly could you become the
centerpiece of your market

Let’s Find Out. Contact Us Today.

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Our loan applicants are delivered exclusively to you and your team. These applicants are not shared with anyone else.  


Our applicants are put through a ten-step pre-qualification process to collect data that helps you close transactions faster. The pre-qualifying questions are customized for your products to make sure that you get the information that works for you and your team.


Our system delivers applicants directly to you and your team as soon as they request to be contacted. Once they submit their contact information, your data-base will automatically populate with a new record.


Our fully automated email/text/voicemail follow-up sequence gets triggered automatically based on the pre-qualifying questions. This automates the follow-up and helps you get and stay in front of your prospects until they are ready to move forward with the next property.

Fully Automated Follow-Up Software
For Lending Teams Who Want To


Our system schedules phone calls with qualified investors without your team having to make any outbound phone calls. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get These Applications?

Our loan applicants are acquired through paid web traffic. We target the right candidates at the right time using the right message and they submit their information to apply for a loan.

Can I Pay For Your Services Upon Closing?

We do have two profit-split programs where you can pay after the closing, however, we only offer the program to a few carefully selected lenders at the moment. The profit-split partnerships are not really in your favor, our percentage is pretty high since we are the ones financing the campaign. Feel free to ask about this opportunity when you request a strategy session

How Much Will This Service Cost Me?

This entirely depends on how many new applicants you can handle and how many loans you can process. We have a reduced-rate trial option to make your campaign profitable the very first month.

How Do You Find The Investors’ Contact Information?

We don’t “find” the contact information. Our applicants submit their contact information themselves. They expect to be contacted.

How Do I Know I Will Get Quality Applications?

We will have a discussion about your ideal client. Your input will tell us about your ideal client, your target area, as well as the pre-qualifying questions.

What Is The Most Important Determining Factor To Ensure That This Is A Good Investment For Me?

If you have a great loan program – we can match you with the right loan applicant for your program. This will be the most important element to ensure the success of your campaign. The second most important element is how responsive you and your team are. Our loan applicants are ready to move forward, and you and your team should be too.

Take Advantage Of The System Proven To Generate Qualified Loan Applicants and Deliver Them To Lenders In Real Time. Find Out How You Can Rapidly Grow Your Commercial Lending Company In A Predictable And Scalable Way.

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